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Programs for women empowerment

Womenrights In Nutshell

In present times we often read about Gender equality and equal pay for equal work , yet how many of us see this has manifested in both letter & spirit in our society. We are still grappling with issues of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, dowry , rape& molestation! Several Laws exist on paper yet how many women know which laws exist to protect them , and are equipped with basic knowledge to require to enforce their rights. This Program is designed to provide women with basic knowledge as to their fundamental and other… Read More

Cyber Law Empowerment Academic Resource

This program was launched in 2015. The aim of this program is to impart cyber law skills to people, particularly teachers and children who often donot understand the threats children face online & best practices to adopt cyber safety! It is a long term strategic cyber empowerment program that will create an empowered society through awareness & transformative learning practices!! It enables integrated community development, and lays emphasis on building safe surfing practices & leadership through education…. Read More

Programs for girl child

Children and Netiquette (CAN)

This program is designed for imparting cyberawareness , particularly to Parents and Children on do’s and don’t’s of Internet and safe surfing practices. It discusses social media laws, Information Technology Act and other laws that criminalise certain acts in Cyberspace.It is based on two prongs, one, what acts are treated as offences in online space and two, how we can safeguard kids from becoming victims of online threats directed at them by cyber criminals. While CLEAR Program focuses on other areas such as e-contracting… Read More

Learning Innovatively Valuable Education (LIVE)

This program imparts basic life skills to young children and adults. We truly believe that a successful Life can be lead only when one is true to one’s self and that can happen only through realising one’s true self and following ethical principles in one’s life. LIVE focuses on these core basic life skills such as Emotional intelligence, managing stress, introspection, ethical values, sex education to children, importance of extracurricular activities and true consciousness, duty towards our environment, coworkers and society. Read More