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women-rightsIn present times we often read about Gender equality and equal pay for equal work , yet how many of us see this has manifested in both letter & spirit in our society. We are still grappling with issues of sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, dowry , rape& molestation! Several Laws exist on paper yet how many women know which laws exist to protect them , and are equipped with basic knowledge to require to enforce their rights. This Program is designed to provide women with basic knowledge as to their fundamental and other legal rights and equip them with right knowhow on several issues impacting daily lives of women from Domestic violence to Divorce, maintenance, or child custody issues.

Key highlights
  1. The programme is beneficial, particularly for women and aims to impart knowledge of important laws that protect women in India.
  2. Focuses on explaining the constitutional and legal rights Of Indian women on key issues such as Divorce, child custody, maintenance, Domestic violence, sexual harassment ,sexual discrimination, dowry, rape & molestation, equal pay for equal work etc.
  3. Program discusses the legal redress available to women in distress and forums where they can seek legal recourse.
  4. Discusses important case studies and examples pertaining to emerging issues such as live in relationship, property matters, divorce, etc.
  5. A ready reckoner workshop to help women understand their legal rights better for any kind of crisis management.