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Learning Innovatively Valuable Education Program

live-programThis program imparts basic life skills to young children and adults. We truly believe that a successful Life can be lead only when one is true to one’s self and that can happen only through realising one’s true self and following ethical principles in one’s life. LIVE focuses on these core basic life skills such as Emotional intelligence, managing stress, introspection, ethical values, sex education to children, importance of extracurricular activities and true consciousness, duty towards our environment, coworkers and society.

Key highlights
  1. Best suited for adolescent years,the program relies on innovative teaching of important life skills through examples and interactive learning than by one way discourse.
  2. The programme focuses on importance of realising oneself in present times and significance of healthy mind, body & soul- In the maze yet out of the maze !!
  3. Explains how to increase concentration, remove stress andadopt clear thinking to enable better arrangement of priorities and energy to achieve your goals.
  4. Aims to spread legal awareness, social awareness ,sex education for children and digital wellness to better understand one’s needs and duties towards self and society- encourages responsible living!!
  5. Discusses how to cleanse your system of negative inputs ,& accept positive stimulileading to emotional intelligence and general well being!