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  • Be a Supporter (on social media)
  • Be a Mentor
  • Be a Partner organization
  • Be a Volunteer
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Become a fund raiser or yourself donate to FIRE
As an individual
  • Host events like book readings, theatre shows, musical and cultural shows, walks, photography, painting or any other talent exhibitions, and anything you can think of.
  • Help FIRE to become the preferred charity organisation in your work place so your colleagues can donate.
  • You can speak with head, Corporate Social Responsibility for funding FIRE’s Initiatives.
  • Donate to FIRE for its Programs and Initiatives to empower people through education.
  • On special occasions like birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies, request guests to donate to FIRE.
As a corporate
  • Donate a part amount from the sales of your products and services.
  • Donate from your various Corporate Social Initiatives agenda.
  • Sponsor an event and donate part of the tickets sales proceeds.
  • Sponsor or donate stationery, software, hardware for our offices.
  • Connect with us on supporting projects in specific areas.
Join our social network
  • Increase our followers on Twitter
  • Expand our network on Facebook
  • Write updates for our Blog/articles
  • Put our logo on your websites
Endorse FIRE’s Initiatives
As an individual
  • Do an awareness campaign on issues about cyber law and general legal awareness in your work place, and neighbourhood/ community groups or on social networks.
  • Write, discuss, debate on issues about cyber and legal empowerment and FIRE.
  • Put up our URL and e-badge as your status on your social media profiles for one day every week.
  • Mention you are volunteer of FIRE /member/ supporter in linked in or other media.
As a corporate
  • Spread awareness on issues about cyberlaw awareness and FIRE
  • Doing an awareness campaign in your offices.
  • Putting up the FIRE e-badge on your website.
  • Sponsoring ad space.
  • Putting up the FIRE posters in your office.
BE a Mentor to FIRE

You could help us by accepting to be a mentor on advisory board of FIRE to guide, support & strengthen our various aawareness initiatives & Programs.

Be a Partner NGO/ supporting organisation

FIRE needs assistance of supporting NGOs and organisations to work towards social cause of spreading legal and cyber awareness far and wide. Assistance may be rendered by a partner NGO/ organisation by offering place / venue for conducting workshops, or conducting dual training sessions or interactions where two or more NGOs can perform their defined goal for benefit of a target audience . You may even refer a school, organization , work with us to take our program around the world.

Be a Volunteer

You could volunteer to participate in our various program initiatives and render your assistance to organise and hold various workshops we plan from time to time.


If you would like to discuss any other way in which you will like to associate with FIRE, please write to us at