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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment can be referred to as strengthening the social, economic and educational status of women. It means creating an environment where there is no violence or gender discrimination and where women have equal rights in community, society and workplace.

Today, there is a rape every 29 minutes, a case of molestation every 15 minutes and a dowry death every 4 hours. This is, inhuman for a nation that prides itself for all the dignity it gives to its women as part of its culture and traditions.

Every woman has a right to live , and right to live with dignity and freely express herself! In the present times, various crimes against women are prevalent in India ,including be it domestic violence, cruelty, desertion, or stalking, rape, harassment, extortion or other crimes. Though we have laws protecting women in India yet , the women both in Urban and Rural India face constant threats both online and offline and continue to face discrimination or other unfair acts and crimes whether at home or at their workplace .

This website is an initiative of FIRE, a non Profit Section 8 Company registered under The Companies Act,2013 . FIRE’s Vision is to spread legal and cyber awareness among all sections of our society. FIRE aims to contribute to the social cause of spreading legal awareness and cyber knowledge through capacity building inorder to manifest the dream of Digital India. This website is an endeavor of FIRE to reach out to women in distress to make them as aware about their legal rights . FIRE has a customized value based training program to meet the awareness needs of every section of our society and state of art workshops, interaction modules and e-learning programs, particularly for protection of women and children. The Foundation has empowered , motivated & touched the lives of several people including students, teachers, law enforcement, professionals, corporate groups and NGOs through capacity building & counselling programs. To know more about FIRE visit