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Why support FIRE?

Lack of Legal and cyber awareness is one of the main hurdles in growth of our society today. Successful education of children & adults as regards their rights and duties gives rise to an awakened society where action & truth prevail over illiteracy and old dogmas that are no more pragmatic in serving our society. Just as Illiteracy breeds ignorance and fear and legal awareness and cyber empowerment brings knowledge and progressive mindset. Legal awareness is essential for all sections of society, women , children and men alike. One’s awareness of legal rights and duties leads to a truly civilized society where each one is committed to optimally work in harmony for progress of the nation.Use of technology has become part of our daily lives.With increased dependency on internet, there is also rising cybercrime due to the anonymity linked with cybercrimes. In order to address cybercrime proactively, each one of us must be equipped with cyber law knowledge and best practices to safeguard us from becoming victims of cybercrime and to protect our privacy and data online. As per KPMG’s 2014 report on Cybercrime, 89% people recognize cybercrime has become one of the major threats . According to the Report, ” Distinctly, about 51 per cent perceive themselves to be an easy target for cyber attacks due to the nature of their business. Out of these 51 per cent, about 68 per cent respondents claim that they monitor their cybercrime threats on a daily basis. The first line of defence against cyberthreat is increasing perception and awareness of cybercrime.”


Through various initiatives/ programs on legal and cyber awareness we instill and motivate young children , men & women to be aware of their legal rights and duties, towards their families , community, employers, nation and world as a whole. Through various workshops on cyberlaw we prepare them to face the challenges and threats in the online world with confidence and knowhow required to meet most complex situations with ease .